Fitness Intention

April 27, 2016


I know we hear the word ‘intention’ here and there but when it comes to training it is almost crucial.

I spoke a few articles ago about other important points to keep you motivated and healthy and I would like to add the power of intention to the mix.

When I say intention I mean the core energy that is going to make you move, exercise and above all create a healthy lifestyle.

In my experience most people don’t have it. They approach me with a list of body requests like: I would like my legs to be like Miranda Kerr’s, I would like my arms to be like Julia Roberts’ and the list of body parts goes on and on.

But … when the target is reached the feeling will be empty!

That’s because that was no intention behind the target.

Weight loss, toning and muscle toning are not intentions but the result of training. I will say it again, they are only a consequence of correct training.

If we add the intention to the mix, like I would like to have Miranda Kerr’s body because it will benefit my career but above all I would like to feel better , that’s different.

I am a big believer that the intentions must be related and associated with feeling, emotions and change. Almost like you are striving to go beyond yourself and fully charged to change the status quo of yourself.

I will give you a few examples.

I had clients who, when achieved their weight loss, the intentions were to change their jobs, careers, hair, style, cities and even countries. Those are great examples of charged intentions.

Most people fail in fitness because of the lack of those intentions. They take fitness as a superficial and shallow thing and the result will be exactually like their intentions , superficial and shallow and with time they will stop training ! Simple as that.

After achieving the proposed intention, is important to put yourself into the fire and set another list of charged intentions! My recommendation is to discuss them with your trainer, be specific and above all challenge the core of your own self.

Start with a list of things that you believe need change around you. Take responsibility and be honest with yourself.

Remember that it is about you. Until you take full responsibility for your actions and shine from within you will always be trying to get approval from others to feed your happiness. And happiness is an inner state and not something that needs to be approved or requested, it needs to be worked from inside you.

So next time that you see someone’s body that you would like to emulate think twice why you would like to change yourself .

Above all training is just another tool to connect yourself with your own happiness !

The challenge is open !

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Game is on !

Rest Time

April 20, 2016

Rest Time Rawfit Personal training  Ricardo Riskalla

Much is said about the powers of exercise and good eating but equally important is resting time.

Sounds crazy but it is not.

I am pro listening to my own body. Sometimes it is important to not exercise and lay down, watch a movie, talk with a friend and relax.

Life is all about balance. Exercise is healthy but it doesn’t mean that more is better.

Throughout my career I have seen so many people get burnt out from excessive exercise. There was a period in my life when I use to run marathons and I have never met so many people there who were full of injuries, tired the whole time and getting sick by the minute. I question that big time. I am not advocating that running is bad, but my point here is that excessive running or anything in excess puts your body into the anger zone. And I still am running marathons, maybe one every few years.

I remember when I was in New York about to run the New York Marathon and I met a guy who was on the news every where because he was running one marathon every week. I can say that he looked very unhealthy and run down.

My recommendation to my clients is to rest a few days a week. It depends from client to client but as a general rule 2 off days a week is a good thing to do.

So get your pillows, call your close friends and watch a great movie!

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Follow Your Guts

April 13, 2016


I can’t emphasize enough the importance of following your gut feeling.

Sometimes things look amazing but you have that feeling saying to you to RUN, that something is wrong. That’s what I am talking about. The reverse is also true. Sometimes life might present situations that don’t make sense but your gut feeling is telling you to do it.

Your intuition or gut feeling is something that you are born with. Little kids have that intact, in some cases it is their main method of communication and analysing situations and avoiding danger.

I would say that you can develop it. Before taking life decisions or any big decisions, ask yourself what should be done. Wait for the answer, it could be come as an emotion, as a feeling, as a dream or in other forms.

The thing is, that the more you use it, the more it will be accurate. In the beginning it might feel a bit strange but I promise you that with time you will feel calmer, more connected and making better decisions.

A cool thing to do is to challenge yourself with your new “skill”. Every morning ask your body what you should learn that day.

I am a big believer that a lot of our health has to do with our mental and spiritual health. Diet and exercise are just a part of it, trust me !

So challenge yourself and get connected !

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Winter Solutions

March 31, 2016

Winter Solutions Rawfit Personal Training Ricardo Riskalla

Hey, winter is almost here and with that a lot of people lose the plot with their diets and exercise regime.

Every year I see the same thing.

How to stop it?

Uh? Simple. Do not change your diet to a “comfort” diet.

So lets explore how the “comfort” diet starts and how to avoid it.

By comfort I mean oily, mushy and salty foods. It comes with different names but above all they are all “gourmet”.

If I were you I would avoid cooking shows on TV. They are the worse invention created in my opinion. Those shows turn party food into a daily diet. The result is not nice.

Exercise in cold weather is fun ! Trust me. I personally love it. The first few minutes are hard but after that it’s great ! Much better than exercising in summer.

I would advise you also to create a target to keep you on track during winter. Like training for a marathon that will happen in August and so on.

So are you ready to maintain the hard work that you did for Summer?

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Foods That Are Always On My Shopping List

March 25, 2016

Foods That Are Always On My Shopping List

I get asked a lot what foods I buy on a regular basis .

So I decided to create this post to let you know what I am always eating…

Number one is Spirulina. This one has been part of my diet for a very long time. I can not recommend it enough… it is so complete !

Olive oil. Yes I love it. I add it to my lunch and dinner and drizzle it on top of my food. That is my Spanish genetics speaking very loud. There are so many great benefits of olive oil, not to mention that it tastes amazing.

Chlorella. The closest thing to spirulina with other benefits. Together with Spirulina those two keep me going for hours and hours of exercise.

Vitamin C. From Nobel Prizes to endless numbers of clinical papers, the research is there to prove that everyone should supplement their diet with this amazing vitamin !

Then I eat vegetables ! Lots of them ! I have my phases. Sometimes I can’t have enough of carrots then I can’t see carrots for a whole year and so on. I believe we are all like that.

The main thing is to eat lots of vegetables. There is so much research about health, longevity and disease prevention related to vegetables. And if you analyse every single diet, the one thing that they have in common is vegetables.

So go for it !

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6 Factors To Get Model Legs

March 25, 2016


Many women, at least the ones I train, are after model-toned legs.
There are many factors which can contribute to this.

Factor number one is genetics . There is no denying it. Some models are freaks of nature , but throughout the years I have changed so many legs that I believe that it is possible for anyone to get perfect legs.

Factor number two is diet . A perfect leg tone is dependent in part on a diet with no added salt in order to prevent fluid retention . Yes we are mostly water and when you add gravity to it most of the fluid retention will be around the lower body , especially around the legs . Another important factor in terms of diet is water intake . Drink lots of water , filtered water with low sodium content . And of course the diet needs to be balanced according to your physical activity level and also your lifestyle .

Factor number three is stress . A stressed body is a body in disarray. It is a body where processes and hormones are not working at their best and the result is fat retention , dull skin and other unpleasant effects. Above all a stressed person will not feel well and that will not translate into beauty.

Factor number 5 is skin hydration . Think about a sports car that needs to be super clean to show its best features . The same applies to perfect legs . You don’t need to rob a bank . A simple coconut oil applied to the legs after the shower can do the trick and that is what most models do anyway .

Factor number 6 is self love . Yes self love and confidence can take you to places and make you look beautiful ! The most successful models are full of confidence – simple as that !

So are you ready to show your legs ?

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Model Factor

March 20, 2016

Model Factor Rawfit Personal Training Ricardo Riskalla

I have been training models for a long time now and I often get asked what models do to have perfect bodies and above all be successful models.

The first factor I have to say is genetics. Models are blessed with great genetics.

Then comes the lifestyle that models follow. I am talking about diet, mind and exercise. When you combine those 3 with quality the result is perfection.

The training for modelling is not the same that you see in a gym. Training for modelling is very specific. I have done hours of training with my clients just on one body part, that is how specific it can be. Most models are trying to achieve a certain measurement or maintain it. It is the hardest form of training because the result needs to be precise.

I have had so many urgent calls throughout my career from models that decided to train themselves or went to see their “friend” who is a trainer and the result was not good. Modelling in terms of training is about body proportions. I would compare it to sculpting.

And of course I keep a lot of my secrets to myself !

In terms of diet, models need above all to have glowing skin and hair and that is created with a diet full of nutrients and antioxidants. That time of unhealthy models has gone. Today, competition in the industry is so high that models are like Olympic level athletes.

As for the mind factor, I’m referring to being grateful, respectful, professional and above all human. In my experience arrogant models last a minute in the industry. The modelling industry likes unique people, and to be unique it requires only one thing, be yourself.

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Cold Therapy

March 20, 2016

COLD THERAPY Rawfit Personal Training Ricardo Riskalla

There is a lot of talk now about the power of cold as a form of recovery therapy.

I personally have been using it for a while. I never tried the cryotherapy but wouldn’t mind doing it.

The method I use and recommend to all of my clients is to actually have freezing cold showers. It is the cheapest and fastest way to heal your body.

I have to admit that the first few times were torturous but after a while you get used to it. I actually crave it . Yes I am crazy.

There are several options that you can also do and are totally inexpensive. The cheapest of them all is to actually go for a swim in the ocean. You just need to make sure that where you live has a very cold ocean.

I surf every weekend and feel energised after my ocean sessions.

Another way to get cold therapy at home is to fill a bath with cold water and ice cubes. I wouldn’t stay in there for more than a minute. It is so strong and to be honest it is too strong but I know many professional athletes that use this technique on a daily basis . So if you are brave go for it.

In terms of results expected after a cold therapy, I talk from experience and I can say that you will feel energised, awake for sure, improved recovery from training, training pain reduction and great skin and hair.

So, try it today !

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Confusion Factor

March 10, 2016

Confusion Factor Rawfit Personal Training

Hey I know how confusing is and how it must be for someone looking into losing weight and being bombarded by 5 million conflicting messages.

I have been there. In the process of creating my business and trying to get the best of the best for my clients I am in constant research mode.

I have seen and tested everything !

Some things really do work. Some DON’T at all.

So how do you separate what is good in weight loss from what is just crap?

I follow a simple rule that is to simplify things to the maximum, to the point where you begin to see what is the common ground amongst the best and natural laws of nature.

You will always find a few things in common amongst the best diets and lifestyles:

-Unprocessed foods
-Portion control
-Mind relaxation
-Boundary control towards negativity

So get all those factors and you will be on the road to success !

The main factor I would say that is mind relaxation. When one has the mind relaxed, good actions will happen, good food choices, good relationship choices will happen. It will be success after success !

So meditate everyday please !

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Holiday Peace

February 28, 2016

Holiday Peace Ricardo Riskalla Rawfit Personal Training

I just got back from a long holiday and I would like to write a bit about why it is important to take some time off now and again.

I have to say that I am the biggest offender here, before this holiday I hadn’t taken a day off for 2 years. Even on holidays I was working.

Not anymore. I am creating more strategies to make sure things get more balanced and in control.

So here are some points that might help you to get things into place again:

1) Book a big holiday every year. Holiday is not staying at home watching TV the whole day. I mean travel, go somewhere, if you are short of money look outside the square and go backpacking. I once did a whole month walk around Spain and only cost me the food and the airplane ticket.

2) After you finish your holiday book your next holiday straight away ! Crazy? No. So you know what to look forwatd to. If you are short of money just start planning the next holiday. Be specific, where, who is going and so on.

3) Have a day every week where you have your “Me” time. For example I go surfing with my best friend every weekend. The point here to centre yourself again after a long week.

4) Meditate every day. This is actually the most crucial point here. Go to a quite place and doing some deep breaths, close your eyes for 20 minutes and relax your whole body. Don’t try to achieve perfection. If you are angry just stay with that and those feeling will dissipate by themselves.

5) Treat your body like a temple. Don’t eat junk food, processed foods, drugs and alcohol. Most mental states have to do with what we ingest. Simple as that!

So create some strategies to centre yourself and let the holidays roll on!

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