Vintage Diet

January 28, 2018


Yes, your grandmother knew what she was talking about !

If you think about it, hundreds of years ago, all food was organic, no junk food was around, portion sizes were much smaller, not to mention that there were far fewer pesticides and chemicals around.

Some parts of globe got it right, while some didn’t.

Now we call those places Blue Zones.

Ikaria in Greece
Okinawa in Japan
Ogliastra in Sardinia
Loma Linda in California
Nicoya in Costa Rica

Some of the things that they do are:

Low intensity exercise
They eat purple sweet potatoes, soya products and turmeric
Diet rich in vegetables, good fats and low in protein

Above all they don’t overeat and they keep their traditions.

An interesting factor is social integration and cohesion ! Yes, feeling part of something bigger than themselves is one of the most important longevity factors.

I invite you to get connected with your friends, eat only unprocessed food, and above all respect our planet !


December 20, 2017


Are you busy?

Most adults like to answer this question as : “Very busy”.

It is almost like a badge of honour to say that you are in demand, that you are requested to the point that you have no time to yourself.

No time for yourself, that is the beginning of all diseases.

No time to exercise.

No time to eat well ! Thus one only eats fast food.

No time for friends .

No time to relax.

No time for yourself.

One way to stop the “busy” mentality, is to go into nature.

Stop everything and let nature get inside you.

Go to a park. The Japanese actually call it Forest Bathing, shinrin-yoku.

There is actually a lot of research supported by the Japanese government stating that Forest Bathing reduces cortisol, the stress hormone, and also increases the immune system.

I bet you a lot of you never heard about it.

So, stop getting “busy” and start hearing the sound of wind in the trees.

What Is Expected

December 10, 2017


We have all done some things that have nothing to do with who we are, but with what is expected of us.

When you apply this rule to diet, health and wellbeing, the damage is created.

Think about Italians eating pasta because they are Italian and that is part of their culture.

Think also that Asians need to eat rice at every meal.

Yes some things are dangerous, like, hey I am Australian and I need to drink beer.

Take a minute to analyse what you are doing right now that is not part of you, but what is expected of you.

Vintage Is Good

December 3, 2017


We live in a society that regards new things as the best.

But reality is so far from it.

Especially when comes to eating and exercising.

I am really not surprised that when I see a research about longevity; it all points to old rituals from ancient societies.

Japanese, Greek, Egyptian – you name it. They had so much knowledge about health.

All those societies point to common denominators like, simplicity, less, and slow pace.

Go against those 3 and you have some damage in progress.

As Leonardo da Vinci, who by the way was just a part time painter and a scientist, used to say : “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Apply that to our environment and you will see that the cure for Global Warming is simplicity.

So where are you complicating things right now?

The Marketing PR Destroying Your Health

November 26, 2017


Interesting times we are in living now.

Times where Kim Kardashian has more creditability that most people, and people don’t even know what a Nobel Prize is , but they can name their top favourite celebrities.

Basically the world is a bit upside down.

I work in a field where I am bombarded with PR promotions. I am approached on a weekly basis by companies selling this or selling that. I only promote things that I believe in, use and I never get paid by them.

I am a big believer in credibility over monetary exploitation. And I actually see a lot of people doing the reverse, selling their souls for self promotion. Sad, very sad.

The ugly side of this PR nightmare is that it creates fakeness around health related things, and this should never happen. There are people out there proclaiming things based on money, not on research.

I am very against this whole PR machine as you can see.

And as a consumer and health advocate I alert you and other consumers to check where is your information is coming from, and if it is being paid by a company, that paid a PR agent and that exploits you!

As always, the solution is to focus on unprocessed products, things that come from the ground, no packaging, no marketing , no fakeness. Think about vegetables , natural superfoods.

I have a model client that only washes her hair in water and apple cider vinegar then she becomes the face of a famous hair product. Consumers will see that and think if I use that product I will look amazing. Interesting ! Why not always tell the truth?

Time to ditch the fake PR agents and protect our planet.

The Best Gift To Give Yourself This Christmas

November 19, 2017


The buying bonanza is up and running and there’s nothing better than a few recommendations .

And as always I like to keep it simple . As Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed, simplicity is the way .

When we think about the damage that buying presents can create in the environment , you would stop right there .

So I suggest you give trees this Christmas !

Go to your local nursery and chose a few that will live a long life , get some big ones and surprise your family and friends !

Plant one tree for yourself too, watch it grow !

If you live in an apartment , go to a park and do it !

Check your tree from time to time ! It is a very powerful experience .

Everyone I know who planted a tree told me that it is amazing !

After all, without trees there is no planet .

Got it ?

Most Important Thing In Health

November 13, 2017


I get asked a lot about what is the most important thing in health.

Yes there is diet, there is exercise but above all lets go straight to the point, there is mother nature.

There is no point in looking good if in the process of “getting healthy” you are destroying the planet.

Think about your life right now, and be honest here, what have you done to protect our planet lately.

If your actions are more about yourself, you are into the “ME” egocentric mode. And lets be real, that’s the cause of Global Warming. The simple attitude of not thinking about things outside ourselves is the core of all suffering.

So lets get real.

Create a list of things that you can do everyday to protect our planet, google it, move yourself and do something.

After all without Mother Nature , there is no ME and YOU.

GO !

How To Feel Better In A Minute

November 2, 2017


We all have those moments when you need an instant fix.

Some people use alcohol, drugs, (by the way alcohol is a drug) or anything to numb themselves.

I am pro natural, sustainable and real solutions.

So our bodies are equipped with the best systems out there. The problem is that people always turn to outside solutions and almost never inside themselves.

The fastest and the most powerful thing that you can do is to do deep breaths for a few minutes.

Try to use your nose only , but hey if your nose is blocked go for the mouth

At the one-minute mark you will feel amazing. If you can do it for 5 minutes you will notice a massive difference in how your body is working.

Try to do the breaths as slow as possible so the in and out phases are long and deep.

Try it right now !

Healing Sounds

October 25, 2017


I am a big believer that sounds can help us to calm down.

I run my classes outdoors, and the training area is full of amazing sounds, waterfall noise, birds, wind , and all that nature has to offer.

Most of my clients arrive stressed to their sessions and leave calm, centred and relaxed. And yes the sounds of mother nature create that feeling .

The Japanese even call that Forest Bathing. There are lots of studies talking about its many health benefits, but hey, let’s keep it simple: going into nature, a park, a beach is very powerful.

I know that some of us have limited access to nature, but you can use the recorded sounds of nature: look for it on iTunes, or any online store.

I recommend you to listen to it a few times a day if you are stressed. Try to sleep listening to the sound of rain, it is amazing.

So mother nature, bring it on and lets start the healing.

Special Treat Time

October 14, 2017


So once in a while you must treat yourself with a great dessert. I am not advocating for you to eat this whole recipe.

Think about a special celebration like a birthday, Christmas and so on. If you are going to do that, do it with recipes that are sugar free and follow the Rawfit Diet Method.

So here is a recipe that I created using some amazing ingredients.

A lot of people ask me where I purchase my superfoods and special ingredients. I am not a big fan of PR and paid advertising. I refuse them on a weekly basis. I believe that my reputation and trust is more valuable to you and me. I only recommend companies that I use and that are owned by friends.

So let me share my favourite online store: Safe Haven Wholefoods (

I trust them since they are my personal friends and I know that they only buy products that my family and their family would use.

So here is a recipe that I created for this week. I hope you like it, I took the concept of the Australian institution, Rocky Road, and twisted it around converting it into a superfood powerhouse !

Try it out ! It is amazing and it is sugar free.

Rawfit Rocky Road

250 grams raw cacao butter
100 grams raw coconut oil
1 tablespoon of Stevia Extract powder
30 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
30 table spoons of carob powder
250 grams of cashew butter
500 grams of cashews
180 grams of hazelnuts
100 grams of goji berries
150 grams of desiccated coconut chips

Melt the cacao butter and coconut oil in a double boiler system
Then add the remaining ingredients to it
Pour into containers
Carefully place in the freezer and allow to set for 10-15 minutes.
Tips: Never use wooden spoons since they hold moisture and water and moisture is not good in the mixture. Add the mixture to bonbon moulds, Easter egg moulds or even ice cube trays.